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Sunday, August 25, 2013


Week 2 of kindergarten and I have learned from last week what Trinity likes and doesn't like. I will say...she is one picky gal! LOL So, here are our meals for this week:
Trinity says she likes Vienna sausages but I really don't think she has tried them so she will be trying them this week with saltines, peaches, yogurt and string cheese.

Heart shaped bologna sandwich, pickles, pudding, carrots & ranch.

Star shaped PB&J sandwiches, pear slices, penguin crackers, carrots and ranch.

Chicken, mayo & cheese wrap, string cheese, raisins, banana and yogurt. 

I choose to do carrots and ranch often because it is the only veggie I can get her to eat right now. Hoping she will start trying more as I start sneaking stuff in. The fifth day will be leftovers from something I have fixed or we have grilled out. 

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