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Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby after Premie/Happy BDay Gabriel!

In my heart I always knew I wanted more children after Trinity but after a scary delivery and weeks in the NICU, I did not know if it was in the cards for us. After much prayer and talking with our doctor, we felt confident that the next pregnancy would go smoother so we began trying for Carter #2. Well, being fertile like I am, it was not even 2 months later that I got a positive pregnancy test. We were so excited but nervous at the same time! All was going great and around 20 weeks we found out we were going to have a boy. Trinity wanted a sister so she was not as excited as us. LOL

My blood pressure did start going up around 30 weeks so my doctor suggested me going out of work to relieve some stress. My awesome mother-in-law paid for Trinity to continue going to the daycare in the mornings so I had a lot more time to rest and prepare for baby boy. I went to the doctor every week and before I knew it, we were scheduling my c-section. Eeekkk!!! 
Knowing when you are going to have your baby is a little nerve wrecking but I did like being able to be more prepared. The week before I went in, we pit up our Christmas tree, decorations, wrapped all the presents, and I spent some extra one-on-one time with Trinity. The night before, Trinity spent the night off and RJ was working 3rd. He worked only half a shift but I am sure he was tired but pumped on adrenaline. It was nice to have a little alone time before and I got to enjoy stuffing my face (only till midnight though), taking a nice relaxing bath (had to scrub down in sanitizing body wash) and got a night full of rest (yeah right). I stayed up restless until RJ got home around 4. After the hubs got ready, we headed towards the hospital around 5. I was admitted, prepped and around 7:30am, wheeled to the OR. 

(being prepped)

(my sweet doctor took a pic of us while we were waiting on the OR room)

RJ got to be with me almost the entire time (not while getting my spinal) so that was nice. The spinal was difficult to get in but my doctor was very comforting and tried to preoccupy me while they were doing it. It was probably the worst spinal I have had (I have had 3) but having my doctor with me to calm my nerves helped. It was nice having my OB with me through the entire experience this time instead of a stranger like my last pregnancy. My OB is so funny and kept me entertained and before I knew it, they said that I would start feeling pressure. Now, with Trinity (she was 3lbs) I felt nothing but when they were trying to get Gabriel out, it felt like there was a ton of bricks on me and I could barely catch my breath. It was was because Gabriel was so wedged in the womb that they were having a hard time getting him out! Finally at 8:03am, Gabriel Lawrence Carter came into the world looking like a rolly faced bull dog. LOL He looked so big and he face was all smushed! I couldn't help but laugh and was in shock by how big he was!

(my chunky baby and daddy)

(loving my baby boy)

After spending some time with my boys, they took Gabriel to the nursery to weigh him and give him a bath. I remember them asking how much I thought he weighed and I said 9lbs. and sure enough, he was 9lbs. 1oz. And I had him a week early!! LOL They did have to give him some sugar water afterwards and I kind of wonder know if I may have had gestational diabetes. I had it with my third so now looking back, I kind of think I possibly could have had it with him. Anyway, after spending sometime in recovery and getting back to my room, I was reunited with my family. Patsy brought Trinity into the room and it was so funny because she couldn't quite get over how big he brother was and was a little scared. 

She would not hold him but I also think seeing me in the hospital bed hooked up to stuff and with those leg cuffs (keep blood flow going), she was nervous. She did finally warm up to him after we got home and gave him his first bath. She does love being a little helper! 

Well, I cannot believe it has now been 3 years since my big boy came into the world! He is a bundle of energy with so much personality. I get a little sad knowing that he is getting out of the baby/toddler stage but love seeing him learn and developing into the silly boy I know he is going to be. I love you Gabriel Lawrence Carter and I thank God every day he blessed me with you!

 A little bit about my boy:
 He is super silly!

He loves to play!

He is a Mama's boy!

He loves all things Spiderman & Cars!

He is stubborn!

He loves to try to new things!

He is a little helper!

He is a mess! (getting his hair cut here)

He sucks his thumb and rubs his nose when he is trying to go to sleep.

He sure is handsome!

He loves with his whole heart!

He loves his brother and sister!

He is always curious!

He LOVES his friends!

He is all boy!

He is one of a kind!

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