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Monday, August 19, 2013

Chore Chart

As Trinity is getting older, I have been giving her more responsibility around the house. Since she is starting Kindergarten, I decided to make her a chore chart so she will know what she needs to do before bedtime.
Being the Pinterest lover that I am, I search and searched for ideas. Finally us gals just went and picked up a cookie sheet, brought it home and decided to improvise. Once we picked out some scrapbook paper, ribbon and craft paint (fuchsia) that I already had on hand, we got to work. 
Trinity painted the cookie sheet while I got on my Cricut and cut out the vinyl letters for the chore chart. I also researched what would be good chores for her age. She is 5 so I decided on: laundry (putting the dirty in the bin and putting up the clean ones), brushing her 
teeth, set the table, helping me load the dishwasher, homework, feed the dogs, and a couple of other ones. 
Once I got everything printed and ready, we got to work putting it all together. I had so much fun making it with my little sweetpea and she seemed to also. So far, she is still excited to do her chores at night and I love how she is now able to even recognize what each chore reads. 
Here is a look at our chore chart:

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