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Monday, November 23, 2015

Plan With Me October 23-29

Hey guys! Hope you all are having a great Monday! I am just now getting my plan with me uploaded and wanted to share it with you guys! I am trying to get in the habit of recording and uploading videos now on my channel and will hopefully be incorporating more videos besides planner related ones. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom, it should be a little easier. So, hope you enjoy the video and hope to post tomorrow! Have a blessed day!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I wake up and think, how am i going to make it through the day???

I think, how can I deal????

I think, how am I going to do it???

I wonder, why do I???

Well, the answer is...FAMILY.
These four right here are why I do it. Why I feel like everyday is a battle but it so worth it! 

I love my husband and kids but some days are just HARD and exhausting! 
But, in the end, seeing their smiles and making them happy makes the hard days worth it. They are worth it! I love them and if you are feeling like some days aren't worth it, just look at the ones around you and know that you are loved. I love you and GOD loves you! Just look to the heavens and know that one day peace will find you! Like here may be hard but God will bless you in SO many ways. I hope one day you will know this because I sure do!
 Love and happiness, Michelle

Organizing our games

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! The hubs is outside doing yard work, the kids are napping and I thought I would write a post real quick...

RJ and I had date night last night (went to see No Escape and it was SOOO good) but I wanted the kids games to be organized before Nana came over because they always get into the "games stash." So after work, I sat down at the kitchen table and got to work organizing, trashing and sorting through all our games. Some were ditched because the kids never play with them and I used what I had on hand to organize them. 

So, here is what I ended up with...

I organized the board game pieces into these cute little woven baskets I got from Hobby Lobby and luckily everything else fit perfectly into this wooden box I happened to find off a yard sale site for real cheap.
It ended up holding everything perfectly!

I took the sets of card games (canasta wouldn't fit) that we had and put them in this cube I also got at Hobby Lobby (50%off). 
Of course my kid's games are not in their boxes anymore because they always seem to get torn up...wonder why??? LOL Life with three little ones right?!?!?

So, here is where everything ended up...
I like how everything is hidden but well within reach of our living room so we can play whenever ready! :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

..Our Weekend..

Hello Friends...
Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

//Friday after work, I met a friend for lunch at Applebees, went grocery shopping, picked up Trinity from school and headed home to cook supper for the hubby since he was about to head to work...I hate third shift by the way!
That evening I had a few girlfriends over and Trinity had two friends spend the night. This is how the gals ended up at midnight. :)

//The next morning we all got up, ate breakfast and got ready to go meet the girl's mother at Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Before we left we through in a few games and I loved this one I saw on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and all us gals played. I would post my picture but instead of it making me look like I had a face lift, I looked 20 years older.  Eeekkk!!!

They love Chilck-fil-a!!

//Sunday we went to church with Nana and showered them with new PJs and underwear for big boy Gabriel who is doing awesome potty training! Yay!!

She took all three to Papa Gary's farm to see the new calf and Mommy took the opportunity to finish painting Trinity's room and organizing!
They had a blast!

Still have some things to finish up but I am in love with the color!
..Sea Cap by BEHR

//Hope you all have a great Monday! Mine started off like this at 5 this morning...
LOL At least work is out of the way, got my sweetpea from school and now about to go play outside in this beautiful weather with them. Then off to the gym, supper time, baths and BED. Hallelujah!! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What works for us...laundry zone

Now, my laundry zone is probably not Pinterest worthy but as a family of five and two working parents, it works great for us. We were gifted our washer and dryer as a wedding present 9 years ago but just recently had to buy a new dryer a few months back. The washer is still hanging in there and we plan on buying a brand new set when we sell our house (which hopefully will be in the next year or so). 

I usually like to keep the dryer pretty bare because I fold my clothes on top of it. I used to have a huge laundry basket that I would put all the folded clothes in and drop off room to room but I just recently started a new system with RJ and Trinity and got of it. I bought these two stacking plastic bins that I labeled with washi tape and their names and now I just put their folded laundry in them and let them put them up themselves. 
One of the best ideas I ever came up with because now I can just carry mine and the boy's clothes in my arms and put them up and not have to carry around a huge hamper!

My sweet husband also got me this hamper from WalMart for Christmas a few years ago and on Sunday (my main laundry day), everyone brings me their hampers from their rooms. They divide the clothes by lights/darks/towels & jeans and my loads are ready to wash! I also love that it is on wheels so I just pull it right in front of the washer and easily throw everything in!
I also do a load or two throughout the week so it is not too overwhelming on Sundays.

I keep my detergent, Resolve and Bleach on a shelf I purchased from IKEA. The two extra bins hold the kid's swimsuits, swimmer diapers, goggles, etc for when we take all of them to the YMCA to swim. I keep a bag hung in the garage for just the YMCA so it is convenient for grabbing and putting away.  I took an old curtain rod and hung it underneath to hang clothes and keep extra hangers.

So this is how I have everything arranged. I didn't get the stacking bins in the photo but they are right next to the hamper on the ground. 

//I also try to keep the machines wiped down well and clean the insides every few months or so. Don't forget to clean the handle to the dryer is touched the most!

Weekend Happenings

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 
//Friday I ended up staying home from work because my youngest, Asher had a stomach bug. It is so sad seeing your children sick and makes you wish you could take it all away! I spent most of the day cleaning and sanitizing in hopes no one else would catch it and we have been lucky so far! I also got some caulking and painting done in the kitchen and  it was nice to get a few things checked off the to-do list. By that evening Asher seemed to be feeling better so when RJ got off work, we headed out to eat some Mexican food. I occasionally give in and let the hubby have his favorite food from time to time. :) 
We headed home for a nice relaxing evening just the five of us.

//Saturday morning I got up early (more like the kids woke me up) and made breakfast for everyone and even served RJ his in bed. :) Hoping to rack up some brownie points. LOL

We then ventured out to Chuck E Cheese so the kids could play for a little while.
This smile sums up how they feel about that place!
We ran some errands afterwards and then headed back home to spend some quality time together. I love weekends like this!

//Sunday we headed to church and then had lunch with Nana afterwards.

Ofcourse I had to get a family picture!
Then it was back home to get ready for the work week. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Teaching 5 Senses:Sight

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Mine started out a little rough but finally calmed down around naptime. LOL We are working on the 5 senses with the kids at daycare this week and today we did a paper on colors and shapes.

(Sorry it is blurry, taken with my phone and no lights)

I was also able to find a cute video here.
The 2 year olds loved it and my kids did also. 

I decided to work on each topic with my kids at home so I made a quick printable when I got home today and we went off on a sight search.

(They were a little bummed because we couldn't find a cat. LOL)

Here is a copy:

Hope you all have a blessed day! We are off to the YMCA so mommy can workout and then back home for supper, homework and bed. Boy I am already tired!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Help please?!?!

Sorry for the lack of posting into the new year. The new year has been super busy for my little family and i will update later about all our happenings in a future post. I finally dived back into some crafting today and need some advice for you fellow readers. I am turning our back bedroom into a playroom for the kids and am trying to incorporate the boys toys with Trinitys. Their dresser has been sitting in our garage for a while and I knew I needed to decide to either sale it or find some purpose for it in the house. So, I decided to paint the fronts of the drawers with chalkboard paint so I can "label" each drawer with it's contents. Here is the before:
Excuse my lack of photography skills as it was in the garage and I had already begun painting. :)

So, here is what I have now:
(just realized I do not have one knob screwed on lol)

My husband is not too crazy about it and I am not sure if I should keep it as is, paint just the knobs different colors, paint the whole dresser a pop of color or just start over. So, if anyone has some suggestions, feel free to let me know what you think. :) Thanks in advance!