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Saturday, September 5, 2015


I wake up and think, how am i going to make it through the day???

I think, how can I deal????

I think, how am I going to do it???

I wonder, why do I???

Well, the answer is...FAMILY.
These four right here are why I do it. Why I feel like everyday is a battle but it so worth it! 

I love my husband and kids but some days are just HARD and exhausting! 
But, in the end, seeing their smiles and making them happy makes the hard days worth it. They are worth it! I love them and if you are feeling like some days aren't worth it, just look at the ones around you and know that you are loved. I love you and GOD loves you! Just look to the heavens and know that one day peace will find you! Like here may be hard but God will bless you in SO many ways. I hope one day you will know this because I sure do!
 Love and happiness, Michelle

Organizing our games

Hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! The hubs is outside doing yard work, the kids are napping and I thought I would write a post real quick...

RJ and I had date night last night (went to see No Escape and it was SOOO good) but I wanted the kids games to be organized before Nana came over because they always get into the "games stash." So after work, I sat down at the kitchen table and got to work organizing, trashing and sorting through all our games. Some were ditched because the kids never play with them and I used what I had on hand to organize them. 

So, here is what I ended up with...

I organized the board game pieces into these cute little woven baskets I got from Hobby Lobby and luckily everything else fit perfectly into this wooden box I happened to find off a yard sale site for real cheap.
It ended up holding everything perfectly!

I took the sets of card games (canasta wouldn't fit) that we had and put them in this cube I also got at Hobby Lobby (50%off). 
Of course my kid's games are not in their boxes anymore because they always seem to get torn up...wonder why??? LOL Life with three little ones right?!?!?

So, here is where everything ended up...
I like how everything is hidden but well within reach of our living room so we can play whenever ready! :)