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Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend l Thanksgiving Bingo Printable

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine home with my kiddos because the boys ended up getting sick. I took Asher to the doctor yesterday and they said he had an acute version of RSV and an ear infection. Poor baby has been pitiful but hopefully with his new meds he will be back to his old self soon!

 After the kiddos went to bed last night, I got to work on stuff for them to do Thanksgiving day while we are with family. I purchased some cute clip art off Etsy and decided to make some Bingo cards for everyone to play. I thought that they could use candy corn to mark their spots. I am also going to make some goodies bags for everyone to snack on as they head back home. We will be traveling to Columbia and I also have family that will be coming from Darlington and Duncan so I think the goodie bags will be good for everyone as they are traveling.  I made 6 different Bingo cards to use and once I finish the labels for the goodie bags, I will load them. Feel free to copy and use them for your family too!

Hope you all have a great Monday!! 
Leaving you with this cute ecard...

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  1. I am so sorry! I had both my children get RSV when they were 2 months and 20 months old, at the same time! It was a hard time for us but we pulled through though I worried allot. Just get lots of rest and take it easy for Thanksgiving. Thank you for the printables. I printing them out right now for my 3 youngest children! Get better soon and I will be praying for you!