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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mod Podge Projects

I have an obsession with mod podge! I have used it on a couple of projects and keep finding more ways that I plan on using it on. My to do list wish keeps growing. LOL Here are a few pinterest ideas that I would love to try:

I love the way these light switches turned out. I think this would be cute in any pattern for a room for a little sprucing up. 

I love the way this filing cabinet turned out. They used wallpaper but I thick some decorative paper would work just fine. Love how the handles just give it such a polished look. I think this will be added to my to do list also!

I think these coasters would be a great gift to do for anyone! I want some for myself....guess I will add it to my to do list also. LOL 

There are so many cute things to do out there with mod podge and it goes a long way too! I am still on my first bottle and have use it many times. Can't wait to show you all my desk with my photos modpodged to it. Hopefully that post will be up tomorrow. Have to finish painting tonight. 

Trinity went to a farm yesterday on a field trip and got to ride a horse. I think the only reason she got on is because my friend Lacey got on it too. I think I would have the same look on my face though! :)

She had no fear getting on this horse though! LOL Don't they look cute in their cowboy gear they got from VBS. They are really enjoying it!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Long Day Tuesday & Anniversary

Boy has it been a long day! Got to work at 7:30, got off at near 5 and had to rush to VBS to drop the kids off. Ran some errands with my little man Asher and am just now getting home. Luckily I don't have a to do here at home tonight and daddy is bringing home supper so I am getting in a little computer time.  On another note, today is mine and my gunny's 8 year anniversary! Wow...I cannot believe it has been that long since we tied the knot and so much has happened since then! I am so thankful for my sweet man and I look forward to many more years with him. Here are a few flash back photos of us: 

Happy Anniversary Babe! Love you! 


Last night was the kids first night at VBS and lets just saw they had mixed feelings about going. LOL They don't ever really like to leave Mommy. :) Trinity's face says it all in the picture but once she saw one of her buddies, she was good to go. Gabriel on the other hand was ok going in but as soon as I handed him off, he screamed. :( He did fine afterwards as usual though. *sigh of relief*

They were so excited to show me all they had done when they got home!

On another note, while they were gone, I worked on my new computer desk. Here is a sneak peek:

This is just the top of the desk but I painted it with chalkboard paint and the keyboard tray has black and white photos modpodged on it. More details hopefully tomorrow. Well, off to go eat supper and paint. Have a blessed night!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Weekend

Our Weekend

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend and all the fathers had a great fathers day! We had us an extended weekend starting on Thursday. I was off work Thursday and Friday so the kiddos and I went down to Darlington to visit my family. It was a far overdue visit since it had been almost a year since we had been. The kids of course got spoiled by their grandma and great-grandma. They loved seeing them!

My silly kids. This is how picture taking usually goes. Especially when I am in a rare one. LOL

I made travel kits for the kids. Everything came from the dollar store and only cost me a whopping $9. The kids enjoyed them. Only thing I suggest is to be sure everything is loose because my 2 year old cried for a good 2- minutes until I could stop because he couldn't get his crayons out of the package. Whoops! 

I bought me a label maker while I was down there and organized my Grandma's cabinets for her. I would have loved to have done more for her but This was all I could accomplish on half a day. 

Excuse the quality of the pictures as they were taken with my phone and are a little blurry. 

When I got back into town, my sweet hubby took us all out to eat and then to Best Buy to look at computers. Our 8 year anniversary is this Tuesday and he said he would get me a new computer as my gift. I have always wanted an iMac but didn't think it was in our budget but much to my surprise, my hubby got it for me! Major bonus points for that man! Just love him! He also knows how much I love taking photos and he also got my photoshop. 

Sunday morning we nwent to Denny's for breakfast before church. Then RJ's family came over to our house to spend some time. His Grandfather was down visiting and it was so nice to see them! Can't believe I didn't get any photos of everyone too! I had my camera out also and just plain forgot. 

Well, my sweet boss at work gave me the day off and let my take the kiddos to daycare so I have the house to myself (hasn't happened in years) so I am off to do some cleaning out, labeling, and get crafty! Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teacher Gift

I love Target! I mean, who doesn't!?!? So, when it came to teacher gifts this year, ofcourse Target came to mind first. I originally was going to shop around with my daughter to pick out something for her teachers but as a mom to 3, it is hard going into target and they not want everything as well.  So, after church Sunday we ran by to pick up a gift card (because who wouldn't like picking out their own gift) and I saw these cute owls! Precious right?? I thought about just grabbing a greeting card but the crafty person in me ofcourse wanted to come up with a cute saying and put her touch on it. So photoshop was pulled up, some clip art downloaded, typed in the cute saying and printed it out. Sounds fast but the OCD person inside me took forever trying to get it perfect. 

I used these raised up squares to add some depth to the tree, threw the owl under it and ta-da! 

Well, not quite because after looking at it, I thought it looked a little plain so I thought adding some colorful  grass to it would help. So, 6am came and I got Trinity up nice and early to do some painting. Yup, she was asleep. LOL Luckily after sitting her at the table and realizing she was doing something crafty, she was right on board. Just like her mama!   

 Here is the finished project:

Sorry if the picture is blurry. Took it on the fly with my phone this morning. 😊
I also made one without the names on it for whoever might like to make a card as well. Enjoy!