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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sleepover Party

We had Trinity's 6th birthday party this past Friday night and it was a huge success! I decided to have her a slumber party so that she would be able to celebrate with her close girlfriends and then in December we will have a party for her and Gabe so family can also celebrate. Let's just say that even though this Mama was stressed to the max, the little ladies had a blast so it made it all worth-while. I wanted to be sure we had something going on at all times so I made a "balloon schedule" so that each gal could pop one and it would let us all know what we would do next.
The girls got so excited when it was their turn to pop one! I also had heart confetti in them so it was a nice surprise. The schedule included: Let's eat!/Decorate Cupcakes/Craft Time/BINGO/Open Presents/Karaoke/Nail Salon/Pop the Glow Balloons/Popcorn & Candy/Movie

I do not have a table that will sit that many kids so I decided to just move Trins's mattress off her bed into the kitchen and let the kids eat and do crafts at it. I borrowed some pillows and let the kids use them to sit on. I used their pillowcases I made as favors on the pillows and that way each child already knew where to sit. 

If you decide to go the mattress route, you probably would need to place cardboard under the sheet to make it more sturdy. The only issue we had were the drinks staying upright so the kids sat them in between each other. 

After supper and cupcakes, we moved on to craft time. I took a long table cloth and placed it over the mattress so the sheet and mattress would not be ruined. It worked out real well. The kids had paint, glitter glue and gems to decorate with. 

Up next was bingo! I made the Bingo cards using Photoshop and clip art from the internet. I thought they turned out so cute and actually ended up making some for a friend's daughter's party the next day. The girls seemed to have enjoyed it too! I actually ended up replacing the letters B-I-N-G-O with pictures for my friend and it seemed to go smoother that way. They used smarties to mark their spots. 

After Bingo, Trin got to open her presents. I mainly asked the parents to get her dress-up clothes and accessories so the girls could actually play with them later on in the evening. Karaoke was next and the girls seemed to enjoy singing and dancing with each other. Then came time for "Nail Salon." The girls got to pick their polish color and I also bought nail stickers for them to choose from.

I didn't get any pictures of this but we played "Pop the Glow Balloon" next and I just placed candy and glow sticks in balloons, taped them to the wall, the girls put a mask on, twirled and then had to walk to find a balloon. This gave them candy for the movie and we also had popcorn.

Movie Time and then Bed!!

For breakfast the next morning, we had donuts and milk/OJ. I was going to cook toast and eggs for the kids but by the time they woke, we had to eat quick before the parents were there to pick them up. 

This had to be Trinity's favorite party to date and I will have to say it was mine also. It was kind of thrown together but I think turned out pretty well. There has already been requests for another sleepover!

~Favors for the girls were their pillowcases, their craft they did, and a box full of goodies and candy of their choosing. 

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