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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mini Front Door Makeover

Part of my zone cleaning today was cleaning my front doo. As I was wiping down the door, I realized it has not been re-painted or updated since we bought our house 10 years ago. So, of course I had to do something about this! :)

First on my list was to spray paint the handle of my glass screen door. It has bugged me for a long time and was well over-do! We bought this spray paint a while back to re-do our light fixtures (which I am hoping to do soon) and thought I would try it out on the handle. 

After cleaning the door handle, I taped off the area to begin spray painting. I tried to take the handle off the door frame but apparently I am too weak and could not unscrew the screws and did not want to risk stripping it. 

Got to spraying and here is the before and the after...

Here is a peak at the inside handle...

After doing that, I decided that the lookout glass of the door needed an update also.

Yeah, that used to be white but I guess 15 years (our house was around 5 years old when we bought it) made it turn yellow. LOL

Since I am trying to get rid of the gold accents, I decided our address numbers needed a little sprucing up too.  So here is the before and after...

I still need to repaint the door because when you look up close, you can see scratches and spots from years of using it. I think it looks good for now until I come back around to it in two months for another zone clean. :) 

Friday, August 19, 2016

First week of school!

Happy Friday everyone!!
The first week of school is finished and ours went great! 
Hoping yours went well also!

Glimpse into our first day!
My oldest, Trinity is in 3rd grade this year and is loving it! Luckily she has always enjoyed school and other than a few nerves, her first week went smooth!  She was even chosen as the first "Captain of the week" and gets to take part in special activities next week.

So proud of her and looking forward to having lunch with her one day next week. 


This is my first year home with the boys and I want to be sure that I am preparing them well for Kindergarten so I homeschooling them. I am pretty much doing what we did with the kids at daycare...crafts, working on writing, bible lessons, etc. I was nervous Gabriel was not going to do well for me but so far when I say it is time for school, he screams "YAY!" He does tend to rush through his tasks while Asher likes to take his time. Our theme this week was "Back To School" and here is a look at some of crafts and pages we worked on:

School Supplies Handprints

Creation Book

Paper Plate School Bus
Handprint Craft-printable below

The poem is a little different than the one I did because I typed it up wrong. LOL 
I will probably redo them with my boys because it will bother me.

I found this book from my local Aldi store (they also have a great selection at Toys R' Us) and worked on the letter A and tracing this week. 

I like that they are front and back also. 

Well, I am about to head off to go walking with a friend and then my husband and I are taking the kids to Toys R' US as a surprise. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hope you all have one as well! God Bless!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Organizing...Extra Cords

Happy Monday guys!!! Hope you all have had a blessed weekend! We cleaned, organized, ran errands all day Saturday and then yesterday we had a full day of fellowship with our church family. We stayed fairly busy but I am looking forward to a relaxing day playing in the pool with my babies before school starts tomorrow.


The other day I was looking for the cord that went to my digital photo frame to only be greeted by this mess....

Insert: minor panic attack
So something obviously had to be done about it and quick. 
After looking through my craft closet, I came to the conclusion that rubber bands would fix my problem. Now it was time to tackle the mess!


Some types cords we had double of so I just wrapped them all together. I only kept up to 3 of the same and donated any extras. Threw them all back in and here is what it looks like now:

I can breath!
Much easier to search through!
I keep this tote in our garage on a shelving unit we purchased off of Craigslist. They are great for corralling extra things for the home and I got them from Home Depot for around $5.

While on my organizing kick, I went ahead and labeled the kid's iPad chargers with their names to keep in their rooms. 

They get one full charge per day and once it goes dead, on to the charger it goes and it cannot be used again until the next day. We got rid of cable a while back so they have Netflix on them so this is considered their "TV" time also. We are currently trying out Playstation VUE but my husband is the only one who really watches television so at $35 a month, it suits our needs. We did just put up a satellite dish so we get local channels free and it seems like we have a found a reasonably priced solution for our TV needs! :) 

Well, I am off to go get in the pool with the kiddos and then get ready for open house at Trinity's school tonight. Cannot believe school starts back tomorrow!!! I am going to miss having my baby home with us! Till tomorrow...God bless!