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Monday, May 26, 2014

Lazy Day Monday/Memorial Day

I want to start off saying thank you to all the veterans that have served or that are currently serving in the military. It is because of you all that we are free and my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts. 

(Couldn't believe it only took like 5 minutes to get decent pics of the kids! Ofcourse Gabriel wouldn't smile for any. LOL) 

Daddy went into work for some OT so we are having a lazy day until he gets home. Well, more like I am trying to keep the kids occupied while I keep my sanity. Props to the moms who stay home with their kids all the time! I find it so hard to keep my kids entertained without sitting infront of the TV all the time. So, today I had some projects planned and some activities for the kids to do. Here is what our day has consisted of:

Found this idea off of Pinterest here
Love her blog! 
She has tons of activities for kids and I cannot wait to try out more!

The kids loved doing this and it lasted a couple of tries. After that, I pulled out a bag of beans and rice, some spoons, cups and little containers and they had a blast sorting and playing that for a while. It was a mess to clean up in the end since most of Gabriel's ended up on the floor but was well worth it. 

Trinity has helped me with some painting, I got some organizing done and a couple of other crafty things that I have been wanting to start. Can't wait to show what we have been working on! Now off to go get the kids ready to go out to eat when Daddy gets home. Hope you all have a blessed day and make sure to thank a veteran for what they have done today. Lots of Love!

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