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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Get Ready/Dress Up Area Progress & Life Lately

OH Yeah baby, It is Wednesday and that means there are only 2 more work days left in the week. I don't know if was the lack of sleep, running out of coffee or screaming kids that started it off rough but let's just say that I am glad this week is almost over. So happy school is getting out next week too! We are all burnt out with school activities, gymnastics, girl scouts, etc that it will be nice to not have to be running around with our heads cut off all the time. I am looking forward to going to my sweetpea's awards ceremony tomorrow morning though. I can't believe she is almost done with kindergarten! :( She is growing up too fast! She looks its too now with her hair cut shorter!

Isn't she pretty!?!

My sweet mother-in-law kept all the kiddos for me last night so I could go see my cousin graduate high school last night. I remember when she was born so it is making me realize how time flies by so fast. I cried last night knowing that one day I will be watching my children graduate, get married, have children of their own, etc and I need to stop more often and take in the little moments and appreciate the time I have with them now, while they actually want to spend it with me. :)

One of my favorite pics from the night!

So proud of this girl! Graduated with honors too!


I have been working on Trinity's big girl room for a few weeks now and it is coming along. We got her bed from Ikea assembled and she is loving sleeping in it. I think she likes being high up. Just trying to keep little brother from climbing it and breaking his neck though. Ahhh!!!
Here she is excited about her first night sleeping in her bed. I plan on putting a shelf and light up top for her also. Haven't gotten there yet but hoping to make another trip to Ikea to get some stuff to help with completing all my projects. LOL 

I have been working on organizing stuff at the moment and as of right now, my main focus is on her get ready/dress up area. Here is what I was working on over the weekend.
She doesn't have a ton of bows. She used to have more but they have either gotten lost, torn up or magically disappeared. I plan on ordering her a bunch in different colors and starting fresh. She loves jewelry and I need to take her to pick out some more necklaces. 
I was trying to find a way to incorporate her earrings and as I was feeding Asher lunch, I got the idea to use the container he was eating from as a holder for them. LOL It is the perfect size and I made it to where I can just take it off to pick out a pair! 

Here is her headband holder too. It was an oatmeal container that I just covered with scrapbook paper and painted the top. I like it because I can also keep her bands, brush and detangler spray in it. 

So, here is our work in progress..still have a ways to go on this area. 
-Paint shelving
-Modpodge fabric onto boxes
-Paint Mirror & hang

Well, hope you all have had a blessed day. Time for me to get the kiddos in bed!

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