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Friday, February 19, 2016

5 on Friday

1...I am so happy it is Friday! 
The hubs has worked 10 days out of the last 14. :( It wouldn't be as bad if it were not third shift and his shifts were 12 hours long! I do not know how he does it!  We are definitely looking forward to a weekend together before we both go back to work Monday. We are attending a marriage conference this weekend at our church so we are looking forward to some time to focus on us. They luckily will have childcare available and will provide us dinner the first night and lunch the next. Cannot wait to fellowship with friends and spend some extra time with my hubby!

2...T-Ball Sign up
We signed middle man up for t-ball this week. He was so excited about it but did get mad that when we went to sign up, he did not get to play right then. LOL We went shopping this morning for a glove, cleats, etc. I am not sure what color his team will be sporting so I thought we could just get everything black so it would match but Gabriel wanted everything blue since that is his favorite color right now. We only ended up purchasing his glove and I hoping to hear from his coach soon to find out the team colors so we can purchase the rest of his things. He is going to look so cute!!

3...Fuller House

Don't know if you all are as excited about this as I am!! I grew up watching Full House and I think I mainly liked it because one of the main characters had the same name as me...Michelle. :) Even though Michelle will not be in the spin-off, I am still looking forward to watching it. It comes out on Netflix next Friday in case you all were wondering. 

4...These two
Since becoming a stay-at-home mom (I sub for the daycare when needed), these two have gotten so close. They play so good together and I see their bond getting stronger with each day. :) Now of course they have their moments where they fight but they get over it fast. They are boys and tend to wrestle a lot but it is so cute to watch Gabriel take on the roll of big brother and helping Asher out when needed. Asher looks up to his big brother so much and follows him around like his shadow. Love the love they have for each other! 

5...Mama's girl
I could not leave this post without mentioning my sweet girl too!
She is normally always a Daddy's girl but when he is on third, she becomes all mine. :) I eat up it too!  I let her stay up a little later (shh...don't tell), she sleeps in the bed with me, and girly fun time is always the best! She is my little mini me and I love her to pieces!

Anyway, hope you all have a blessed weekend! I am hoping to get more into a routine of posting on here. I am subbing at the daycare all next week but hopefully I will get into a good routine starting the next week. Talk to you soon!

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