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Monday, July 11, 2016

Quick DIY Cow Costumes

Happy Monday guys! Hope you all have had a fabulous start to your week. Ours has been pretty busy. Our main task today was working on our cow costumes for the Chick-fil-a cow appreciation day tomorrow. If you show up dressed up like a cow, you receive a free entree or kid's meal. Now the words Chick-fil-a and FREE are some of my favorite words so you know we will be there as soon as we can tomorrow. We are actually meeting friends at what I hope will be a time it won't be too crowded. Which, I do not know when Chick-fil-a is not crowded. LOL 
Unfortunately when I looked through my kids clothes, they did not really have any plain white or black t-shirts on hand. This year you do not have to dress like a cow from head-to-toe so I knew I would just do shirts for them. Last year I just taped some paper to our shirts but the only bad thing about this was they kept falling off. LOL 

I think we still looked cute though! :)

So the idea came to me to just take some old white undershirts that belong to my husband (he has tons) and use them. I washed and bleached them really good, threw them on the kids to see how how short they needed to be and started cutting away. I cute some spots out of black felt and the kids helped me glue them on. 

 They are currently drying but I will post a picture tomorrow of how they turned out.

I used this Fabric Fusion I had on hand to glue the spots to the shirt. This runs around $9 from Wal-Mart but goes a long way. 

Most of my morning was spent catching up on house chores but this afternoon we went and picked up a friend to go to the Makerspace for kids at the library. They offer this every Monday for kids to make a craft and mine really enjoued it!

We ran some errands afterwards, came home to eat supper and then went for an evening walk. 

The kids love pulling each other in the wagon and was a good way to end the evening. 

Now it is time to get the kids ready for bed and hit the hay! :) Hope you all have sweet dreams!!

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