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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Round-Up

Hi guys! Hope you have all had a blessed week! 
We have had a pretty busy one but thankful for a relaxing Sunday. We had an amazing sermon this morning and are leaving in a bit to go back for a singing. I look forward to an entire day relaxing and spending the day with God, family and friends.  :)

Anyway, last time I left y'all, we were making costumes for cow appreciation day at Chickfila Tuesday. 

I forgot to get good close-up picture of how their shirts turned out but they had a blast and that's all that matters. :) Aren't my friend's kids adorable too?? 

Wednesday we took the kiddos to the movies. They offer $1 movies twice a week and you cannot beat that! They loved the movie (Curious George) and especially all the yummy popcorn!

Trinity had her tonsil checkup later that day and got a great report! Everything seems to be healing well and she is pretty much back to eating everything normally. We had church that evening and I brought home 2 extra kids for a sleepover. :)

We played outside and ended the night with a movie. I just love having a house full of kids! :)

Thursday I spent the day getting caught up on housework and running errands. We have gotten into the routine of going on an evening walk and the kids and I enjoy that time together. :)

Trinity was running ahead of us. LOL

Friday we slept in and had a pretty lazy day. Those are the best right?!?!? I did manage to dust the entire house and vacuum all the rooms. I told myself that I had to atleast get that checked off my list! We had plans to go to an outdoor movie with some friends but it got rained out at the last minute. We were about to walk out the door when we found out. :( Bummer! So, we just turned on a movie at home and enjoyed some family time. I ended up grilling some burgers and making potato fries so we all enjoyed some yummy food! 

Yesterday I told my daughter Trinity that we had to work on her room. It was a mess and needed some major organization! We moved furniture around, cleaned out every drawer and her closet. A friend of mine had also posted this cubicle online for sale for $10. We ran to her house to pick it up and Trinity had a blast decorating it for her room. 

It fits perfectly in that spot and works well next to her desk. We still have a few little projects to work on (mainly filling holes in the wall, paint touch-ups, etc) and I plan to have her room completely refreshed before the new school year. 

Anyway, about to have to run out the door to head to church but just want to leave you with this cute picture of my middle man concentrating on his masterpiece. 

He said he wanted to draw a picture of his family but 5 minutes into it, he got aggravated and gave up. I did convince him to go back and try again and he made an beautiful abstract piece. :)

God bless,

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