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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Praying for Townville

Not sure if a lot of you heard about the school shooting at Townville Elementary School yesterday but for me, it hits close to home. I live about 10-15 minutes away from Townville and when I heard about the shooting, I was in the car rider line picking up my daughter from school. So many emotions came over me and I instantly started crying.

I first felt relief and fear....relief that it wasn't my child but fear because it could have been. We live in a crazy world which seems to be getting worse with each day! I remember the days where I could ride my bike around the neighborhood and my grandparents weren't scared that someone would hurt me. Now it doesn't even feel safe to send our children to school! I know incidents are more publicized now with social media but you cannot tell me that this world isn't getting scarier every minute.

Then I felt guilt and sadness....guilt because I was glad it wasn't my child and sadness because it was someone else's. I cannot imagine what it had to have been like to be that parent sitting at home and hearing over the news that there has been a shooting at your child's school. It makes me tear up now thinking about it. My heart goes out to all the parent's that went through this. Some are friends I know and children that I used to keep in childcare and knowing they are safe makes me happy but they should not have had to experience this.

Then I felt angry....angry because those children and teachers should not have had to have gone through this. Angry at the 14 year old who killed his father and then went to the school and shot at innocent people. Angry at his parents for not seeing the signs and for letting their child even have a gun. Angry at a situation that probably could have been prevented.

But now, now I don't know how I feel...
I know I am proud of the people that help keep the children safe. I know I feel like hugging those poor children and wishing I could take that experience away from their little minds. I know I feel thankful the ones hurt will more likely be ok physically in the long run. I know that I forgive the child's parents because you cannot predict what another person may do even if it is your child. I know that I will pray for the young man who did this terrible act.

We can blame a lot of things for what happened but all I know is, I am going to continue loving my children, teaching them to come to us if they need advice/help and hope & pray that they will help make this world become a better place. I just hope others do the same and maybe we can help turn this world around.

*Update: One of the children shot at the school is in critical condtion. It is heart breaking not knowing what will happen but if anyone would like to help, here is a ling you can go to if you would like to help. Please pray that this sweet little boy makes it!!!

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