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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Teacher Gift

I love Target! I mean, who doesn't!?!? So, when it came to teacher gifts this year, ofcourse Target came to mind first. I originally was going to shop around with my daughter to pick out something for her teachers but as a mom to 3, it is hard going into target and they not want everything as well.  So, after church Sunday we ran by to pick up a gift card (because who wouldn't like picking out their own gift) and I saw these cute owls! Precious right?? I thought about just grabbing a greeting card but the crafty person in me ofcourse wanted to come up with a cute saying and put her touch on it. So photoshop was pulled up, some clip art downloaded, typed in the cute saying and printed it out. Sounds fast but the OCD person inside me took forever trying to get it perfect. 

I used these raised up squares to add some depth to the tree, threw the owl under it and ta-da! 

Well, not quite because after looking at it, I thought it looked a little plain so I thought adding some colorful  grass to it would help. So, 6am came and I got Trinity up nice and early to do some painting. Yup, she was asleep. LOL Luckily after sitting her at the table and realizing she was doing something crafty, she was right on board. Just like her mama!   

 Here is the finished project:

Sorry if the picture is blurry. Took it on the fly with my phone this morning. 😊
I also made one without the names on it for whoever might like to make a card as well. Enjoy! 

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