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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Current Projects & Life Lately

Life stays crazy around this house and the only reason I am actually getting to post is because I forgot to turn off my alarm that I use for the workweek and when it started blaring at 5:30, there was no going back to sleep. After tossing and turning for a good 30 minutes, I gave up, fixed me a huge cup of joe and here I am. My main reason for posting most of the time is so that my little ones maybe can look back one day and see how much fun we had and the memories we made together. So, this post is little mod-podge of memories and a little bit of crafts thrown in there. 

Last weekend was jammed packed with fun. Trinity had a buddy spend the night Friday night. I think she expects to have friends over anytime there is no school/work because we are always doing something with someone. LOL So as soon as we were leaving work Friday, that was her first question, "Can I have someone spend the night?!?!" :) 
Saturday morning the hubs messaged me letting me know Michelin was having their Christmas party at the skating rink so of course I wanted to take them so sadly we had to cut the sleepover fun short. :( The kiddos had a blast at the party and luckily one of my good friends was there to help me wrangle my kids. :) Life saver!!! Both of our girls also had a birthday party to go to (at the skating rink again lol) later that day so she was so kind to let Trinity ride along with them to the party. 

The boys got in a nap and then we ran errands the rest of the day after picking up the Princess. I really needed to go grocery shopping but by the time we were leaving Hobby Lobby and I had to wrangle all 3 (Gabriel threw himself on the ground & Trinity was crying because they wanted their Christmas ornaments I got them) to the car, I was pooped. So off to home we went and bedtime came a little earlier than usual. 

Sunday was my 30th birthday but was spent like any other usual day. I spent the day with the kids playing and doing crafts and Nana was nice enough to come watch them while I went grocery shopping. Another life saver!! :) I got caught up on housework, did a little crafting and had a fun day with the little ones. All around it was a great day!

(finally getting to paint their ornaments I got them)

Monday it was back to work but I was super pumped that the hubs was off and we enjoyed the evening together outside roasting smokes, grilling and playing with the kids. Great way to start off the week! 

Tuesday was crazy busy like any other. After work, I had an appointment to get my hair cut. I decided to chop it all off in hopes of having easier mornings. So far it is definitely easier but I kind of feel like  I look sort of like a boy so don't know if I am crazy about it. I know I will let it grow back out again at some point but I believe the ease of it may win the vote for right now in this stage of my life. 
I took Trinity to gymnastics after getting my hair done and then it was home for supper, baths and a back massage for Mommy courtesy of the kids. LOL

Wednesday, Trinity went on her field trip to the Children's museum with her school and her teacher was sweet enough to send me a few pictures of her. She seemed to have had a blast. :) I also surprised her by inviting home her best buddy to play afterwards. They always have so much fun together!

I got a long lunch break from work so I came home to work on our "command center" and get a little organizing done. 

Here is a little preview of my projects hung up. Not quite finished but hope to be soon. 

Thursday was a half day at work for me so after picking up the Princess from school, we went to a friend's house for some playtime. 

Next thing I knew, it was 7:30 and we had to rush home for baths and studying (Trinity had 2 tests the next day). Luckily they had already eaten supper with their buddies. 

The hubs was off again on Friday so we had a lazy evening at home with a pizza picnic on the floor and watched the Santa Clause movie. Well, the movie really  didn't get watched because a wrestling match happened that ended up with me and a bloody nose. LOL My son has a hard head. :) Fun times!

Yesterday morning we got a lot done at the house and after naps, we headed out into the Chaos to START our Christmas shopping. Yup, we are behind. LOL Trinity got invited to spend the night at her bestie's house so she was super excited about that. 
Cutie pies!

After being exhausted from shopping, the boys and I went home to have another picnic on the floor (eating Chilli's YUM) and ended up with all of us falling asleep in the living room. LOL
Such fun memories! 

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday before the chaos of the work week begins again!

Lots of Love-

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