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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Mommy Box + Crafts + More

 I am so excited to have gotten my first Happy Mommy Box in the mail yesterday! I do not order a lot of stuff online because I usually do not get to do a lot of surfing on the internet but I have followed The Busy Budgeting Mama for a long time and since opening her business, I have wanted to purchase a box for myself for a while now. Well, last month I decided to gift myself one for my birthday and let's just say, I was not disappointed! :) 

I have already gotten use of my headband, necklace, mason jar, lid and straws within one day!

I have not been too crazy about my new short do but after putting on my new headband (made by Pink Lemonade), I am beginning to warm up to it even more. I am also loving my necklace made by  KOCOandVIKING. It says "choose joy" on it and she also makes some other beautiful necklaces so go check her out!

I go to enjoy my sweet tea today in my new mason jar made by More Sprinkled Joy.

The adorable mason jar set came from Val Marie Paper

I also got my printable hung up in my "mud-room" area which I will be posting on in the next few days. I have one more project to finish and it will finally be complete! Yay!

I look forward to trying the rub pouch by Spiceologist hopefully later this week when we grill out and I am sure my little ones will be getting a lot of use out of the crayon rocks
I already cannot wait for the surprises in next month's box! Thanks ladies at Happy Mommy Box!


Yesterday, Nana took Trinity off for a few hours for some girl time so Asher stayed home with Daddy while Gabriel and I went out to run some errands and do some shopping at Kohl's. 
(took sissy's ipad so Mommy can try on some clothes)

I have had a hard time finding jeans that fit me right and let's just say last night I finally found me a pair that I liked. I decided to go with a jegging instead of an actual jean but I wanted something casual but something I could also dress up if I wanted to. I will say these Lauren Conrad jeggings do not disappoint at only $30! It actually came out to be a little cheaper as I had a 15% coupon and then used my $15 off coupon also. I ended up scoring a couple of other cute items including the shirt I have on for only $4. 

Today at school we worked on the letter O. We traced and colored the letter and then did an octopus craft to go along with it.

I also made a Santa sleigh with reindeer using the kid's hands and feet. I got my original idea for this here.

Nana came and got the boys this afternoon so I invited a friend over for Trinity to play with. 
(being silly playing with playdoh)

RJ had gone to the gym so the house was so quiet. I ended up getting some chores done around the house. It was nice getting caught up and the boys had a blast playing with Nana and Trinity with her buddy. All around, we had an awesome day and I hope you all have too! Now that the kids are snoozing, I believe I will go snooze some too! Have a blessed night!!

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