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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow Crafts/Life Lately

The theme for the week in my class at daycare is snow so we have been talking about it's color, how it feels, what we like to do in the snow and if the kids can't wait till it snows again. Snow down here is always an occasion and since it only happens once or twice a year, school is canceled and we get to stay home to enjoy it. I LOVE it when it snows and we live on a steep hill so last year we took kinder mats (old leftover ones from daycare), slid down the hill and the kids had a blast! We cannot wait till the next snow hits our area! 
Anyway, here are some crafts I did with my class. I also included a few other ideas from Pinterest that I have not gotten the chance to do yet. 
Snowman snow globe 

Snowstorm...used chalk, quick and easy craft. 

Melted snowman.

Snow Crafts roundup

(I also had this M paper for them to do also. You can find a similar one here or here.)

Some other cute crafts are this snowman footprint (started this one today with all 3 of my kids but didnot get to finish), this paper plate snowman and I even like the idea of making this snow dough for the kids to play with.

Each week I will make a handprint/footprint ornament for their Christmas tree. I got the inspiration for this one from here

We are also going over the letter M this week so we worked on tracing the letter and decorated a mitten with tissue paper. 


RJ had to take Asher to get blood drawn yesterday to test him for diabetes. We had gotten his results from the endocrinologist in the mail last week and it said his glucose level was 120 (supposed to be in the 70-100 range) so they wanted us to test him again to be certain. Praying he will not have it and then we can go a while without having to visit a doctor. 

Today after work, RJ let me take off for a bit to do whatever I wanted. So, I decided to head over to Books-A-Million, buy me a magazine, peppermint mocha coffee, caramel Lindor and have some quiet time. I had planned on getting some retail therapy in also but not long after I finished some reading, RJ called me asking me to come get him and the kids because they were being a handful and I had taken the van with the car seats. Well, after rescuing him, we headed out to find somewhere to eat. We went to a couple of places but RJ kept mentioning going to Cracker Barrel. I love Cracker Barrel and it had been a long time since I had eaten there so we finally agreed on it. So, I went in and put our name and we started looking around the store. Well, all of a sudden we run into RJ's mom, Grandma and brother. I was shocked to see them there but just assumed that Adam had come into town and they were there having supper together. We were talking when I suddenly saw my friend Rachael and her daughter. I assumed the were having a daugther/mommy night out until 2 more of my friends walked up and it hit me, they were there for me. 
So, I feel stupid it took me a while to realize it but RJ had gotten everyone together to surprise me for my 30th birthday. Well, my life is so crazy that I seriously had not really thought about it or celebrating it. I think I am in denial I am turning 30 and am just trying to ignore it so maybe it will not happen. LOL Needless to say, I was surprised and am very thankful for my sweet husband for planning all of it and family and friends for celebrating with me. I love you all and am very thankful for each person I have been blessed to meet since moving up here to Anderson. Moving to someplace where you know no one is difficult but I now have another family and set of friends that I have blessed with and am so very thankful. 

So, hope you all were blessed with a happy Thursday like me. Here is to tomorrow being Friday!

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