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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What works for us...laundry zone

Now, my laundry zone is probably not Pinterest worthy but as a family of five and two working parents, it works great for us. We were gifted our washer and dryer as a wedding present 9 years ago but just recently had to buy a new dryer a few months back. The washer is still hanging in there and we plan on buying a brand new set when we sell our house (which hopefully will be in the next year or so). 

I usually like to keep the dryer pretty bare because I fold my clothes on top of it. I used to have a huge laundry basket that I would put all the folded clothes in and drop off room to room but I just recently started a new system with RJ and Trinity and got of it. I bought these two stacking plastic bins that I labeled with washi tape and their names and now I just put their folded laundry in them and let them put them up themselves. 
One of the best ideas I ever came up with because now I can just carry mine and the boy's clothes in my arms and put them up and not have to carry around a huge hamper!

My sweet husband also got me this hamper from WalMart for Christmas a few years ago and on Sunday (my main laundry day), everyone brings me their hampers from their rooms. They divide the clothes by lights/darks/towels & jeans and my loads are ready to wash! I also love that it is on wheels so I just pull it right in front of the washer and easily throw everything in!
I also do a load or two throughout the week so it is not too overwhelming on Sundays.

I keep my detergent, Resolve and Bleach on a shelf I purchased from IKEA. The two extra bins hold the kid's swimsuits, swimmer diapers, goggles, etc for when we take all of them to the YMCA to swim. I keep a bag hung in the garage for just the YMCA so it is convenient for grabbing and putting away.  I took an old curtain rod and hung it underneath to hang clothes and keep extra hangers.

So this is how I have everything arranged. I didn't get the stacking bins in the photo but they are right next to the hamper on the ground. 

//I also try to keep the machines wiped down well and clean the insides every few months or so. Don't forget to clean the handle to the dryer is touched the most!

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