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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Purge: Beauty Products

This week I am working on purging through things throughout the house. 
Today I worked on my makeup table.

So, this is the table I sit at to put my makeup on or fix my hair. 

It was an old computer desk but I built a "floating" desk out of some scrap wood I had so my computer now sits at it. I didn't want to get rid of the desk so decided to use it as my "get ready" station. Well, I rarely use it. Most days I don't wear makeup and my hair is usually in a ponytail so I feel like it is wasting space. So time for a purge!

I bought this case from Ulta to put all my makeup into and it fits perfectly into my ottoman that I sit on at my desk. I keep my printer paper and card stock in there also for my printer (which hides under the bed).

I also went through my nail polishes and put all my nail care stuff into this bag I already had.
All of this and my hair products went into our main bathroom. I already had space for it all so it worked out great!

So, when all was put in place, I ended up getting rid of all this:

I am also going to sell the desk so it will add more space to our bedroom!

So, I went from having a whole desk to hold my beauty products to just my carrying case and a few things in my bathroom. I think it was a good purge! :) 

Now off to think of what I am going to tackle tomorrow!! 
Hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!

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