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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spring Purge: Garage Part 1

This post is going up late tonight because it has been a LONG day! I worked on the first part of the garage this morning and then had to head out to go grocery shopping as soon as I was finished with that. By the time I got home to drop them off, it was time to pick up Trinity from school and then I had to tutor this afternoon. After, we all headed out as a family to run some errands but our battery light came on in our car and we ended up having to take it to our local Honda dealership to get looked at. 
Thank goodness they had a kid's play area there!

Well, long story short, we were told the alternator needed to be replaced and we were left stranded. After calling a couple of people with no luck, a friend of mine was able to come pick us up to take us home. Thus was the perfect opportunity to leave the hubby with the kids and go grab some supper and catch up with her. LOL So, I am now home and after getting the kids to bed, I am finishing this up and hitting the hay. *sigh* So, I hope your Wednesdays is going better than ours! Here's to a better tomorrow!


I am a little embarrassed to show these pictures but I wanted you all to get a sense of what I was working with. My garage tends to be my "throw all" area and anything that is in the way usually ends up in here. So, it was time for a good clean up! I started with this one today and will work on the surrounding walls tomorrow. 
After sorting through everything, this is everything I ended up pulling off the shelves:

I had an entire shelf dedicated to home decor and after seeing the mounds of dust on them, I knew it was time to sort through it all. I decided that whatever I did not find a place for, it would be given away or sold. So, some stuff went to use...

and a bunch of stuff was put away to donate/sell...

I cleared out enough stuff to get rid of the shelving unit and put it in the backyard for the kid's toys. 

I grabbed a few baskets from the dollar store today to hold everything and I think it works quite well for the area. 

So, here is the finishing product:

 Before                                After

Before                            After



I still have to finishing adding labels to everything but hope to have everything organized soon. I will do a post on how I have everything organized another time. So, I am about to go pass out and hopefully wake up bright and early in the morning to finish up and complete this area. Wish me luck! Good night and God bless!!

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