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Monday, August 15, 2016

Organizing...Extra Cords

Happy Monday guys!!! Hope you all have had a blessed weekend! We cleaned, organized, ran errands all day Saturday and then yesterday we had a full day of fellowship with our church family. We stayed fairly busy but I am looking forward to a relaxing day playing in the pool with my babies before school starts tomorrow.


The other day I was looking for the cord that went to my digital photo frame to only be greeted by this mess....

Insert: minor panic attack
So something obviously had to be done about it and quick. 
After looking through my craft closet, I came to the conclusion that rubber bands would fix my problem. Now it was time to tackle the mess!


Some types cords we had double of so I just wrapped them all together. I only kept up to 3 of the same and donated any extras. Threw them all back in and here is what it looks like now:

I can breath!
Much easier to search through!
I keep this tote in our garage on a shelving unit we purchased off of Craigslist. They are great for corralling extra things for the home and I got them from Home Depot for around $5.

While on my organizing kick, I went ahead and labeled the kid's iPad chargers with their names to keep in their rooms. 

They get one full charge per day and once it goes dead, on to the charger it goes and it cannot be used again until the next day. We got rid of cable a while back so they have Netflix on them so this is considered their "TV" time also. We are currently trying out Playstation VUE but my husband is the only one who really watches television so at $35 a month, it suits our needs. We did just put up a satellite dish so we get local channels free and it seems like we have a found a reasonably priced solution for our TV needs! :) 

Well, I am off to go get in the pool with the kiddos and then get ready for open house at Trinity's school tonight. Cannot believe school starts back tomorrow!!! I am going to miss having my baby home with us! Till tomorrow...God bless!

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