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Friday, August 19, 2016

First week of school!

Happy Friday everyone!!
The first week of school is finished and ours went great! 
Hoping yours went well also!

Glimpse into our first day!
My oldest, Trinity is in 3rd grade this year and is loving it! Luckily she has always enjoyed school and other than a few nerves, her first week went smooth!  She was even chosen as the first "Captain of the week" and gets to take part in special activities next week.

So proud of her and looking forward to having lunch with her one day next week. 


This is my first year home with the boys and I want to be sure that I am preparing them well for Kindergarten so I homeschooling them. I am pretty much doing what we did with the kids at daycare...crafts, working on writing, bible lessons, etc. I was nervous Gabriel was not going to do well for me but so far when I say it is time for school, he screams "YAY!" He does tend to rush through his tasks while Asher likes to take his time. Our theme this week was "Back To School" and here is a look at some of crafts and pages we worked on:

School Supplies Handprints

Creation Book

Paper Plate School Bus
Handprint Craft-printable below

The poem is a little different than the one I did because I typed it up wrong. LOL 
I will probably redo them with my boys because it will bother me.

I found this book from my local Aldi store (they also have a great selection at Toys R' Us) and worked on the letter A and tracing this week. 

I like that they are front and back also. 

Well, I am about to head off to go walking with a friend and then my husband and I are taking the kids to Toys R' US as a surprise. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend and hope you all have one as well! God Bless!

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