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Monday, June 16, 2014

Our Weekend

Our Weekend

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend and all the fathers had a great fathers day! We had us an extended weekend starting on Thursday. I was off work Thursday and Friday so the kiddos and I went down to Darlington to visit my family. It was a far overdue visit since it had been almost a year since we had been. The kids of course got spoiled by their grandma and great-grandma. They loved seeing them!

My silly kids. This is how picture taking usually goes. Especially when I am in a rare one. LOL

I made travel kits for the kids. Everything came from the dollar store and only cost me a whopping $9. The kids enjoyed them. Only thing I suggest is to be sure everything is loose because my 2 year old cried for a good 2- minutes until I could stop because he couldn't get his crayons out of the package. Whoops! 

I bought me a label maker while I was down there and organized my Grandma's cabinets for her. I would have loved to have done more for her but This was all I could accomplish on half a day. 

Excuse the quality of the pictures as they were taken with my phone and are a little blurry. 

When I got back into town, my sweet hubby took us all out to eat and then to Best Buy to look at computers. Our 8 year anniversary is this Tuesday and he said he would get me a new computer as my gift. I have always wanted an iMac but didn't think it was in our budget but much to my surprise, my hubby got it for me! Major bonus points for that man! Just love him! He also knows how much I love taking photos and he also got my photoshop. 

Sunday morning we nwent to Denny's for breakfast before church. Then RJ's family came over to our house to spend some time. His Grandfather was down visiting and it was so nice to see them! Can't believe I didn't get any photos of everyone too! I had my camera out also and just plain forgot. 

Well, my sweet boss at work gave me the day off and let my take the kiddos to daycare so I have the house to myself (hasn't happened in years) so I am off to do some cleaning out, labeling, and get crafty! Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!!

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