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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Closet Makeover

I have finally finished organizing my closet. It isn't some fancy makeover but it is organized and efficient for me with some special touches. Living in a small house has made me become claustrophobic in a way and has made me declutter and get rid of stuff that I tend to just hang on to. I used to have 2 closets full of clothes and also kept my seasonal clothes underneath our bed in bins. Well, after having 3 kids and no more extra closets, I was forced to get rid of some stuff. Of course I could have packed them up into bins to collect dust but the "new me" decided it was time to let go.

First off, I got rid of all the clothes that did not fit me at this time in life. There were those maternity pants that I still would put on for the comfort or the 5 pair of yoga pants that I owned but it isn't like I am actually using them for yoga or anything. I downgraded from my 15 pair of jeans to 8, donated or gave away clothes that I had not worn in at least the past 2 months and just let go of the "I might wear those one day" clothes. My motto was "Let it go, let it go!" LOL

So, I now have this....
I feel like I probably should paint the inside of the closet some pop of color but not sure what...any thoughts??
To the right side of the closet I keep my boots (propped with pool noodles...I have heard magazines rolled up work as well). I downgraded to one pair of brown, black, and light tan boots and also have a pair of rain boots. The bins at the top are actually pampers boxes with fabric modpodged onto them. I keep flip-flops in one and pocketbooks in the other. Then to the left side of my closet I keep this plastic bin which holds my undies, pjs, and workout clothes. I put my shorts and leggings on top of it. Ofcourse you can see my main shoes that I use are in the front and accessible. I need to switch them out for my boots now since Fall is officially here. Yay! Luckily that is the only switching I have to do because my closet holds my summer and fall clothes and I keep my coats in here also. 
I have 3 set of pant holders for my closet with one holding trousers and another holding jeans. I have 2 set of scarf holders and 1 actually holds my belts also. I purchased the holders from Ross. The pants  holder was $4.99 and the scarf holders were $2.99 for 2. Not a bad deal in my book. For any one thing I buy, I donate one. This way the closet doesn't get cluttered. and I am purging stuff that I do not wear that often.

I loved the way the inside of my door turned out. The mirror was one I have had for a long time that I just threw some extra craft paint onto, put some command strips on the back and stuck it on the door. I also put a command hook right above it to hold my outfit for the next day. Command strips have become one of my favorite things to use when it comes to hanging stuff. I usually always keep a stockpile in my craft closet because I am always finding a use for them. I also used the command strips for the cork tiles and then took some extra twine and wrapped it a few times around the tiles and hot glued it so I could have something to hand my earrings on. I used clear push-pins to hold my necklaces and my bracelets, rings and watches sit in a silver tray on top of the dresser (that my husband has now full use of). I think he now has more clothes than me. LOL         

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